Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pin #2 (Kind of) Cheaper Way to Wrap Christmas Gifts

I saw a pin on Pinterest similar to this. Theirs looked harder and I wanted to find a way to simplify it.
Here's the PIN.
What I did was buy plain brown shipping paper (found in the shipping department of any big name stores). It was about $4.50 at Target, but the roll is HUGE! Wrapping gifts in the brown paper instead of expensive wrapping paper will save you $$!! After that, I took some scrap paper that I had left over from last Christmas (or you can buy a small roll) and I freehanded a letter by pulling up a font I liked onto the computer in Microsoft Word. I'm NOT a crafty person, so if I can do it you can do it! I cut it out and glued it to the package. I also bought some inexpensive ribbon (they didn't have Christmas ribbon out yet, so I had to settle for this boring one). I wrapped it around, tied it in a knot, then did two bunny ears and tied it again...then with the leftover pieces I made two more bunny ears and tied it again...and it made this bow. This is my first experience tying a bow, so I hope I get better at it lol

And TA-DA, a cheaper (and cuter) way to wrap gifts! :)
This is the other package I did. Both are Lacey's so I'm going to use the same paper for each person (Each of the kids will have their own design, etc.). I just have to wait for the pretty ribbon to come out so I can tie this one up and be done with it!

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